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Willa Freiband, Chair of the Woodbury Democratic Committee represents the 99AD on the New York State Democratic Committee. She is a member of Orange County Democratic Executive Committee and is the president of Orange County Democratic Women. She has been a member of the Town Democratic Committee for the past 7 years. Her career in politics includes over 2 decades as a professional Community Organizer. She is the recipient of the 2016 Women of Achievement award.

"Politics should be about building a better community. It is about public service - not personal gain. People should not shy away from it.  We need principled individuals who care about the the future and that of their children."

The goal of the Democratic Committee is to help elect people to represent Woodbury who will protect our services, keep taxes from skyrocketing and help our community to thrive.  For information about joining, email - DEMOCRATSWOODBURY10930@GMAIL.COM

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