A recent letter to the editor asked why the Democratic Committee did not reach out to the three people challenging the Committee’s endorsed Democratic candidates.  Let me be clear.  The Committee did meet with incumbents, Mr. Palermo and Mr. Hunter. They each asked for and received our endorsement.  

Mr. Sutz, who on more than one occasion had said he didn’t know if he’d seek a second term, decided to run. When he did, he did not seek our endorsement, primarily we believe because it was this committee’s membership that challenged him on his $9 Million dollar municipal campus bonding and forced a public referendum.  

A few days after meeting with him, Mr. Hunter corresponded with the Committee and rejected the endorsement.  He too has supported the $9 million dollar version. 

Mr. Sutz is again promoting a new location for the municipal building with a similar price tag: this time at the top of the former Gasho property.  That said, we were fortunate to have Deputy Supervisor Frank Palermo see the folly of that plan and support alternatives which will guarantee public participation and be more sensitive to cost implications.

On primary day, September 12, Democratic voters get to choose leadership that has left Woodbury vulnerable to our neighboring community’s expansion plans and looming damage to our local resources. Or voters can choose change.

The Woodbury Democratic Committee endorsed Frank Palermo for Town Supervisor, Jacqueline Hernandez and Amidee Haviland III for Town Council. These three individuals represent Democrats who are committed to restoring Woodbury to a representative government and stopping budget and runaway taxes.

Willa Freiband, Chair Woodbury Democratic Committee 

Election Matters, Your Choice on September 12.