Woodbury Village’s history is filled with bad decisions; $8 million for a village hall; six ineffective lawsuits on KJ; and huge tax increases.  Our Mayor rebuffs input from others, often overlooks knowledge and expertise, and attacks those who speak out.  He and his trustees vote consistently 5-0.  

Now, under the banner of Save Woodbury, he’s handpicked his team for 2 vacant trustee positions.  We can expect more bad decisions adding high density housing and ignoring businesses in the hamlets in favor of the Commons.  Residents deserve better. Candidates Stephen Hunter and Reynaldo Hernandez will reverse course.  

Years ago, a study about unification of town and village found advantages without jeopardizing the protections of the village.  State grants exist for this. Consolidation is key to more efficient use of tax dollars. It maintains village and town entities. It ensures the functions of each aren’t duplicative. It precludes municipalities from suing each other. However, there was no follow up.

Hunter and Hernandez support coordinating budget cycles, making budgets easier to understand and improving transparency. It’s almost impossible to achieve this with two municipalities having different cycles.

Our quality of life depends on properly managed growth and stewardship of the environment.
Hunter and Hernandez are committed to implementing the Master Plan which controls density. The Mayor said the Plan means nothing.  

We need the right people in office to accomplish it. Stephen Hunter and Reynaldo Hernandez represent Woodbury’s best hope for positive leadership and lower taxes.   

Vote Row A - November 6. Our community’s future depends on it.

Willa Freiband, Chair Woodbury Democratic Committee

Traffic and overcrowding worry Woodbury residents

Woodbury's Village Mayor said the master plan means nothing.  Many disagree.

Implementation of the Master Plan Is Critical To Preserving Green Space, Property Values and the Environment.

Election Matters, Your Choice on November 6