I would like to thank all of my friends and supporters for your kind words in support of my candidacy for the Woodbury Town Justice. Woodbury is the town that I have not only chosen to locate my law practice, it is also the town that I have chosen as my home. I have come to know and value many of you as my friends and neighbors.
My wife and I actively raised our daughters in this community. We engaged in and supported the school district's interscholastic and community athletic teams as well as the music and theater programs. My daughters, like us, refer to this community as their home. Their "Woodbury Roots" are planted deep and have served as a foundation to their success. The Town of Woodbury has continued to grow and expand. Growth and expansion can be a "double-edged sword." While we have enjoyed many benefits of a suburban community, legal issues and our court have expanded exponentially in both number and complexity. Starting as a young prosecutor in the Orange County District Attorney's Office, I have seen the rise in the number of criminal defendants and continued developments in criminal law firsthand. I appear in town courts, city courts, the county court and supreme court in Orange County on a daily basis. Our town court is not the same justice court that existed even a few years ago. Statistically, our town court is the third busiest in Orange County and the forty-ninth busiest justice court in New York State. In 2015, the court handled more than 7,400 new cases and produced revenue more than $930,000. The Court is responsible for handling criminal matters ranging from arraignments on serious felony charges, felony hearings, and misdemeanor cases including and not limited to driving while intoxicated charges, domestic violence charges, drug charges and theft. Knowledge of the Penal Law and Criminal Procedure Law as well as rules of evidence are invaluable skills needed to protect the rights of victims and constitutional rights of all parties involved. The Court is also responsible for civil disputes and building/zoning violations. It is the court of first impression in a civil society. Knowledge of our town's zoning ordinances, and the state's Civil Procedure Law is a must. An attorney with over 32 years of experience in a varied and multi-disciplined practice is needed to make sure that our court represents the interest of our town and its residents. I promise that I will work diligently as your town justice to honor my predecessors in this position and serve all of our residents to the best of my ability.
Yours truly,
Bruce A. Schonberg (statement of candidacy 2016)


Experienced in effectively & wisely managing a court

Judge Trachte has served as a Defense Attorney, Special Prosecutor, and currently serves as a Judge on the Newburgh City Court. As a defense attorney he represented thousands of people in Orange County Court and tried over fifty criminal court cases and as the Newburgh City Court Judge he has presided over thousands of cases. 

He knows the challenges of running an effective court. He believes in solutions that work. Using innovative policies to address approaches of the past that are ineffective and indeed, harmful. 

Judge Trachte has the well being of victims top of mind and is keenly aware how difficult it can be to testify. He requires that prosecutors review processes so the victim is well prepared for the events of the trial. He strives to ensure all victims are treated with dignity, respect, and kindness.

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Judge E. Loren Williams Candidate for Supreme Court.

Judge Williams has served as Newburgh City Court Judge since 2014, one of the highest volume courts in the 9th JD. He presides as a full-time Judge over civil, commercial, landlord/tenant, and criminal matters from Newburgh, and other jurisdictions around the county, including modified Supreme Court cases, with over 99% of cases resolved within standards and goals. Now, he is running to be a NYS Supreme Court Justice in the 9th JD, which includes Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland and Westchester counties.

James Skoufis - NYS Senate

Sarita Bhandakar - NYS Assembly

Juana Leandry - Woodbury Village Trustee

Jacqueline Hernandez - Woodbury Village Trustee