Job performance is based on how well you meet goals, not by who your friends are. Before voting to hire Woodbury’s next Village Board, look at the incumbents’  record and ask how well have they’ve performed.

Taxes keep increasing. 2016 Village taxes could rise by 40% if the tentative Town budget passes. Yet, Village incumbents haven’t participated in the Town budget process so far.

For 6 years we’ve done without water in the summer.

Traffic around the Commons grows worse yet the addition of 100 new stores was approved.

KJ gets what they want and continues to press for its needs. Incumbents, slow to react, based their strategy on expensive law suits and relinquished most decisions to lawyers.

A side effect of the multiple lawsuits is that Woodbury is without adequate protection of a clear Master Plan.  Without it, we are vulnerable to future attacks on our zoning.

We need leaders who are not at loggerheads with each other to work together to sync up Town and Village budget years so we can identify duplication or waste.

Elections are about job performance. Incumbents are running on a record that doesn’t warrant re-hiring. The Village of Woodbury needs a change. Support Burke, Freiband and Haviland this November3.

Local elections matter.

When you vote on November 8, the choice is yours.

When you don't vote, the choice is theirs.



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