Job performance is based on how well you meet goals, not by who your friends are. Before voting to hire Woodbury’s next Village Board, look at the incumbents’  record and ask how well have they’ve performed.

Taxes keep increasing. 2016 Village taxes could rise by 40% if the tentative Town budget passes. Yet, Village incumbents haven’t participated in the Town budget process so far.

For 6 years we’ve done without water in the summer.

Traffic around the Commons grows worse yet the addition of 100 new stores was approved.

KJ gets what they want and continues to press for its needs. Incumbents, slow to react, based their strategy on expensive law suits and relinquished most decisions to lawyers.

A side effect of the multiple lawsuits is that Woodbury is without adequate protection of a clear Master Plan.  Without it, we are vulnerable to future attacks on our zoning.

We need leaders who are not at loggerheads with each other to work together to sync up Town and Village budget years so we can identify duplication or waste.

Elections are about job performance. Incumbents are running on a record that doesn’t warrant re-hiring. The Village of Woodbury needs a change. Support Burke, Freiband and Haviland this November3.




With local elections coming in November, the Woodbury Democratic Committee endorsed a slate of candidates for Town and Village offices based on their commitment to government that puts the needs of Woodbury residents first.

Frank Palermo, was endorsed to run for Town Supervisor
. Robert Hunter, current town board councilman declined the Democratic endorsement. Amidee Haviland lll and Jacqueline Hernandez were endorsed to complete the slate for the town council seats.

Frank Palermo is the Deputy Supervisor of Woodbury. A priority of his is protecting the Mountainville Wells and running a full time and transparent government. He successfully defended against annexation; initiated the automated refuse program, implemented a full time police department and instituted code red emergency notification system.

Jacqueline Hernandez lives in Highland Mills. She runs an early childhood school. As a mother she became interested in politics so she could be proactive about neglected environmental and oversight issues. After the Town was unable to stop a 24 inch KJ pipeline from replacing the approved 18 inch pipeline, her concern grew.  Like many residents, she wants aggressive oversight of environmental issues including ensuring that resident’s wells and quality of water are not impacted.  

Amidee Haviland (Bo)
is a former Town Board councilman who served while John Burke was Supervisor. He will bring experience and independent thinking to the Town Board. After the $9million dollar municipal building bond was presented to taxpayers last year as a finished product, Haviland supported the public referendum. He wants to ensure that future Woodbury leaders will be transparent and allow for more input from Woodbury residents especially in matters of capital expenditures.

Juana Leandry
has been endorsed to run for Village Trustee.  A working mom with young children, her concern is over the quality of life in Woodbury. She is running for office because the lack of planning has left Woodbury vulnerable, some of these include issues with brown water, unsustainable growth, and traffic problems.

James Freiband was endorsed to run for the second Village Trustee seat. Last year, he was instrumental in bringing the citizens of Woodbury a referendum on a proposed $9million dollar municipal center. He will use his expertise as a professional urban planner to reinforce the Woodbury community stand against high density housing, get the state to fund and correct the water quality in Woodbury, and ensures the village actively controls the traffic issues.

The Woodbury Democratic Committee is pleased to endorse these 5 candidates.  They represent everyday citizens concerned about issues in Woodbury. There will be a primary in September and they look forward to a campaign that addresses taxes and natural resources among other issues affecting the life of Woodbury residents. 

Local elections matter.  

When you vote the choice is yours.

When you don't vote, the choice is theirs.

September 12 Democratic Primary Day

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