Jim is a fifty year resident of Woodbury. He and his wife moved from Brooklyn to raise their 2 children after he completed his Master's Degree in Municipal Planning.

Open space and quality of life have been driving forces for him.   He  is a Snow Board Instructor; a Marathon Runner; a Former Sports Coach and a Veteran. He retired from the Navy as a Commander.  Professionally, he is a Municipal Planner and Engineer with expertise in Energy Contracts, Budgeting and Capital Investments. He served on the  Woodbury Planning Committee and is  a former Engineer & Planner for West Point Military Academy.

While on the Planning Committee, he oversaw Woodbury Commons construction and ensured the town's commitment to planned growth and green space. As Planner for West Point Military Academy, he managed new development, planning and installation.  He currently is a Project Engineer managing energy needs of existing buildings in NYC and Hudson Valley and in his capacity as a Municipal Planning consultant he oversees implementation of the Master Plan for multiple Mid Hudson Valley Towns.

During his years in Woodbury he has been a community advocate campaigning for the clean of of Neperal Chemical company and recently, the repairing of the  Ridge Rd. bridge.

​​Jim's commitment is to plan for changes so that the needs of residents are met and the costs to taxpayers are controlled.  As village trustee he would establish a capital plan and a budget for ongoing improvements to our infrastructure, including our roads, bridges, water supply and wells. He wants to ensure there are no more 17% plus tax increases and is running for Trustee saying it's time to stop run away tax increases and be fiscally responsible.

"It's expensive and dangerous to rely on emergency fixes instead of anticipating and planning for the challenges that come from a changing climate, the environment, or future growth."   Jim Freiband  




Tyler served as  Woodbury Town Councilman for the past few years before declaring his run for Village mayor. He is a life long  area resident. His family owned and operated Ace Farms, a 101 year old family business. Tyler is a member of the Orange County Farm Bureau Board; past President of Monroe Planning Board; and has a B.S. in Management and Finance from Cornell University.

During his tenure as Town Councilman he was active in several major projects; the renovation of the  John P. Burke Memorial Pool and working with Law Enforcement to install security cameras in public places. One of his achievements included directing  Town money to guaranteed higher yield investments. He was instrumental in the successful resolution of Police issues in Highland Lake Estates; in obtaining $2.7 million NYS grant for Ridge Rd. bridge; in improving the Town Animal Shelter and Dog Park;  in the creation of the Sensory Park; and in the rebuilding of the Town Court Building.

​One reason Tyler gives for running for Village Mayor is the need to streamline the planning process. Currently applicants too often have to wait long periods of time, or return multiple times, before they complete the process. He would like to see a system which can process applications in a timely manner. 

Another area where there can be improvement is in modifying the scope of Architectural Review Board so as to reduce costs to residents for minor improvements.

Tyler is aware of the frustration expressed by people who have had to wait long periods of time to hear back from the current Mayor's office. As Mayor, Tyler will be accessible and responsive to residents. 

He also is anxious to to address some of the problems that businesses in Woodbury experience. According to him, businesses in Woodbury shouldn't be over-burdened with bureaucracy to survive.

Finally, he will address the huge tax increases residents have faced in the past few years. He will work to keep tax increases to 2% or less and says it's time to stop run away tax increases and be fiscally responsible.




Matt is a third generation Woodbury resident. He is a Monroe-Woodbury graduate and earned a BA from Ithaca College. He currently works as a Researcher for the New York State Assembly. Before that he was  Organizing Fellow for State Senate campaign; OC Board of Elections Machine Operator/Instructor; Past NYS Assembly Intern; Member of Woodbury and Monroe Historical Societies; and Eagle Scout, Woodbury Troop 149. Matt is an avid camper and hiker and has worked at the family landscaping business which has been based in Woodbury for 25 years.

Matt's expertise and accomplishments include working in the NYS Assembly where he provided research and vetting for grants and state appointees; tracking and researching legislative bills in support of NYS Assemblymembers; building strong working relationships with key officials in Government; and working for NYS Senator as Lead Field organizer; Campaign Fellow and Trainer Organizing and training volunteers and interns.

As a lifetime resident of Woodbury, Matt is commited to planned growth, green space, exploring use of solar power, and the drilling of existing wells to ensure your quality of life is improved. Water will be a top priority. He wants to restore feel-good events in Woodbury that build good will among community members and focus on improving life in Woodbury for the next generation.