FEEL LIKE YOU'RE BEING EATEN ALIVE BY HIGH TAXES? It's one reason I‘m running for Woodbury Village Trustee. Woodbury is a great place to live, but to keep it that way we must be proactive through smart long-range planning. As a professional municipal I know firsthand what it takes to negotiate energy contracts; do budgeting and capital investment programming; and work in harmony with the Town and neighboring governments. I also know what happens in communities that fail to take charge of planning and zoning before their resources are strained to the breaking point. I want Woodbury to be a place where we raise our families confident there is adequate clear air and water; where people can live safely in the neighborhoods of their choice; and where we are not priced out of our own community by ever-increasing taxes.  

I am committed to planned growth, green space, infrastructure and managing cost.  Each year, like you, I’ve had to dig deeper into my wallet to live here. The promise of the past that a village would not impact taxes in Woodbury has been broken. I will work with my colleagues to address this. Village government must offer a vision and a plan.   I will establish a capital plan and budget for improvements to our infrastructure, including roads, bridges, water supply, and wells. History proved it’s expensive and dangerous to rely on emergency fixes. I will do my homework; involve those with expertise; anticipate and plan for the challenges that come from a changing climate, the environment or future growth.   I will promote the inter-municipal coordination necessary to address KJ growth.  I can say this. I've done it before.  

When you vote for me, you are voting for OPEN government. I respect the knowledge of those who have spent their lives living in & serving Woodbury.  I want to hear from them. I am not running on empty platitudes. I will work hard, be available and work with my colleagues. We can’t afford another Village Board who react and rubber stamp things.   

After serving in Viet Nam, I retired from the Navy and my wife, and I came to this incredible community almost 50 years ago to start our family and grow roots.  I want to pay it forward for you and future families seeking the same.