My name is Matthew Fabbro, and I am running for Woodbury Village Trustee on November 7th. I am a public servant working as a researcher for the New York State Assembly and a lifelong, third generation resident of Woodbury who is concerned about our community. I am running for the Village Board because I want to preserve and ensure the amazing quality of life that I grew up with in Woodbury for future generations to come.

 Growing up in Woodbury, I attended Monroe-Woodbury schools from kindergarten through high school. As a young man I participated in scouting throughout my school years. I was a member of Woodbury Boy Scout Troop 149 where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout. My Eagle Scout Project took place at what is now the John P. Burke Memorial Pool, where I built two patios along with planters at the entrances to the fence. For me scouting instilled a deep appreciation of nature, my community, and learning about Woodbury and its history along with the broader Hudson Valley. I am also a current member of the Woodbury and Monroe Historical Societies.

 After graduating from Monroe-Woodbury High School, I attended Ithaca College where I received a bachelor’s degree in politics with a minor in communications. I also participated in a European Union study abroad program which led me to travel throughout Europe. 

During college, I was an Assembly intern in James Skoufis’ District Office. While interning, I assisted in the Assemblyman’s office with constituent casework, fielding phone calls and emails along with taking notes in meetings with various members of the public. This involved assisting constituents with applying for star exemptions, veterans’ assistance programs and working with the Assemblyman to assist local businesses and governments with any issues that they had. 

After I graduated, I became an Organizing Fellow with a New York State Senate campaign leading volunteers and interns in door-to-door campaigning and phone banking along with other administrative aspects of the campaign. I have also worked as an Elections Machine Operator in Orange County.

Presently, I am working for the New York State Assembly as a researcher. My responsibilities include conducting background research and vetting for applicants applying for state grants. I also conduct background checks on state appointees that are nominated to different state entities or positions by the Speaker of the New York State Assembly. My work during the legislative session also focuses on researching and tracking various pieces of legislation to assist Assemblymembers in passing their bills through the state legislature. Lastly, I work with the various committees of the Assembly in crafting their agendas during the legislative session.

As a Village Trustee, I plan to utilize the skills that I have gained while working for the state government to benefit the people of Woodbury. This includes using my experience to craft innovative and well thought out local legislation and applying my expertise with grants to secure funds from New York State and other sources for the Village of Woodbury.

 I am also a strong believer in working with all political parties at all levels of government to best serve the people of Woodbury. Working collaboratively is a vital skill for any local official, and I plan to bring that spirit of collaboration to my work in local government. 

 In addition, I will support transparency, openness, and responsive governance by making myself accessible and accountable to all the people of Woodbury. I will put these ideas into action while serving the Village of Woodbury.

My primary goals for Woodbury include preserving open space and protecting its character and natural resources with properly planned growth and monitoring. This includes maintaining and expanding our water and sewer capacity as necessary to prevent water shortages. Challenges such as water shortages due to accelerated growth combined with the effects of climate change compound the issues we face as a community. I will also bring fresh ideas and work alongside my peers to create long-term future-oriented plans for Woodbury. 

To keep costs at a minimum we must be proactive and focus on improving our infrastructure. This could be accomplished by establishing a multiyear capital plan and budget with a schedule for ongoing improvements to strengthen and repair our infrastructure that has been damaged by severe weather events. My focus is on improving our roads, bridges, and water supply along with supporting green energy and solar power in order to strengthen our current infrastructure. 

 My priorities also include keeping Woodbury affordable and safe for all of our residents and supporting our local businesses while working to keep taxes within the 2% tax cap. Fiscal responsibility is essential in local government. 

 Family and a sense of community are very important to me. I would like to help restore and plan more community-oriented events such as the July 4th fireworks and Woodbury Day. 

 If you have any questions or want to get involved with my campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me at You can also follow my campaign on my Facebook page @Matthew Fabbro for Woodbury Village Trustee or my Instagram account @MatthewFabbroForWoodbury or visit my website at Thank you for your consideration to elect me as Woodbury Village Trustee! I will work my hardest to improve our future!

Matthew Fabbro